At The Monkey & The Elephant we are helping
former foster youth navigate the transition to

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To bridge the gap between foster care and independence while
providing great coffee in a supportive community driven environment.




In the winter of 2008 Lisa traveled to South Africa. While
there she met a 16-year-old Zimbabwean refugee. When
he turned 18, he aged out of eligibility for support in
South Africa. He lost his refugee status, had to put his
education on hold and had to return to Zimbabwe. It was
a really dangerous trip for him to make, so they decided
to have a passcode when they spoke to make sure he
was safe. They used a simple system: their favorite
animals — Lisa’s is the monkey, his is the elephant.


Philadelphia County

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On average 250 youth age out of the foster care system
in Philadelphia annually. They are no longer eligible for
support services, often with no family, no job, and no
mentors to guide their way. Without these things, they

– 1 in 4 will end up incarcerated
– 1 out of every 3 will live in poverty
– 95% will leave the system without a source of income.